OV Printing Pack

OV Printing Pack 1.5

OV Printing Pack is set of flexible components for Borland /...

OV Printing Pack is set of flexible components for Borland / Codegear C++ Builder 5, 6, 2006 and 2009 helping to create any printable documents with powerful print preview system.

TOVPrintout is much like TPrinter, but presents some additional useful facilities for easy determination of printer capabilities, controlling of page layout.

It has a set of framework methods and events that help to code a report in C++ Builder IDE or to create specialized derived classes. It is not WYSIWIG, you should code - instead, you get full freedom in any fine drawing.

But it doesn`t mean that you are left alone with TCanvas methods. The Pack has power utilities to draw formatted (alignment, justification, tabulations, orientation, word wrap) text, create tables of complex structure etc.

TOVPreview - component for previewing documents created by TOVPrintout and its descendants. It has more powerful abilities than, for example, MS Word preview has, and may be compared with preview of CAD systems: unrestricted zooming and navigation using TOVPreview methods or by users mouse actions; ability to view more than one page at once; pages can be placed in matrix way, few pages in row, that is very important when a document you create ( for example, large table or drawing) does not fit one page in width and is split; ability to take ownership on corresponding TOVPrintout component that allows to show documents modelessly, so user can create and view sfew documents at once - big lack of Quick report preview system.

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